Hope Scholarship is a popular name for scholarships

When searching for information on the Hope Scholarship, it can be quite confusing. One reason for this due to the name being used for various awards.

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Hope Scholarship Receives Less Than Recommended Proceeds From Lottery

The Georgia Hope Scholarship faces funding problems which are causing cuts to the scholarship program and redefinition of eligibility requirements for the Hope Scholarship.  It is interesting to review what the state of Georgia Department of Audits writes about the current state of the program. Continue reading

Hope Scholarship And Video Lottery Terminals

When faced with an issue having multiple problems, it is often a good idea to consider looking for improvements to all problems facing the issue (sounds sort of “Yogi Berra”).  If you focus only on one problem, you will often times make a bad decision because nothing has been done to address the other items.  Case in point are the problems facing the Hope Scholarship.  As discussed in other posts,  there are alternatives to the Hope Scholarship to students; however, the Hope program currently is facing three major obstacles.  They are: Continue reading

Georgia Tuition Rates Finalized for 2012-2013

Well, the final word on tuition rates for 2012-2013 is now written in stone.  This was discussed in a previous post; however, the official amounts were not known at the time.  The increases are mainly in tuition with hidden increases included in the “special mandatory fee” and an increase in other fees as described in the post.  Georgia Hope Scholarship funds, as you know, only include a percentage of tuition based on tuition rates of the 2010-2011 school year.  So, the increases will solely be paid for by students and parents with no additional help from the Georgia Hope Scholarship.  Here is the description of the fee increases taken from various news sources. Continue reading

Georgia Hope Scholarship Grant and Award Amounts

The Georgia Student Finance Commission website keeps a record of the total Georgia Hope Scholarship Grant and Award payment for the history of the program.  You can see the effects of the changes in the program from the 2010-2011 fiscal year to the 2011-2012 fiscal year.  The number of Hope recipients decreased by just over 20% and the total awards given decreased by 39%.  Looked at another way, the average award went from $2920 to $2260.

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