Tennessee Hope Scholarship FAQ

There are many eligibility requirements, rules, and regulations concerning the Tennessee Hope Scholarship.  These frequently asked questions and answers may help you with your award questions concerning GPA calculation, eligible institutions, dropping a class, and others… Continue reading

Hope Scholarship is a popular name for scholarships

When searching for information on the Hope Scholarship, it can be quite confusing. One reason for this due to the name being used for various awards.

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Tennessee Hope Scholarship Changes Look Dead

Although the 2011-2012 Tennessee legislative session is not over, the dust seems to be settling on the life expectancy of bills introduced for changes to the Tennessee Hope Scholarship.   The push to make it harder for eligible students to earn a full lottery-funded Hope Scholarship — approved by the state Senate two weeks ago — ended Monday when the House sponsor, Rep. Harry Brooks, R-Knoxville,  indicated he won’t seek its passage this year due to little support in a Senate Subcommittee.

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Tennessee Hope Scholarship 2012 Legislation

The Tennessee Legislature is still in session and here is a list of the 23 House bills and 23 corresponding Senate bills that in some way make changes to the Tennessee Hope Scholarship program.  The name of the sponsoring house member or senator is provided with the bill title.  As you can see, there a key individuals that you should contact to affect change in the legislation.  You can select the link for each bill to view the complete proposal and to find out the current vote scheduled for the bill.   Continue reading

2012 Tennessee Hope Scholarship Proposed Changes

There is a move in the Tennessee Legislature to tighten the requirements for the Tennessee Hope Scholarship for 2012.  Currently, the eligibility requirements require a GPA of 3.0 or an ACT score of 21 or higher.  The proposed changed would change the “or” to an “and” which is a major difference in the standard.  This means that a student must have a GPA of 3.0 and an ACT of 21 or higher.  There are many cases where GPA score may not give the full picture of ability especially with students having certain special needs.  Likewise, the ACT is a 1 day snap shot.  What happens if the student just has a bad day on the test by being sick, apprehensive, etc… Continue reading