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We have a son that attends the University of Georgia.  Like many parents, we went through the process of looking for ways to pay for a college education.  Fortunately, Georgia, and other states offer opportunities for students to attend approved institutions.

However, there are rules and requirements that must be followed.  There are many websites, links, pdf files and such to dig through.  I did eventually find the information that I needed, but it was not as straightforward as it could have been.

After going through the senior year search and decision process, we thought that we had a good handle on the process of applying for and using the Georgia Hope Scholarship.  When my son ended his freshman year, I found myself wondering what the rule and requirements were for continuing eligibility for Hope.  I found myself once again looking online on various websites looking for the hour requirements, how hours are calculated for eligibility, etc…  I thought there had to be a better way to pull together the information.

So, hope-scholarship.net was born.  Our attempt is to pull together useful information in useful ways, and since we are a blog site, you can help with comments and suggestions as well.

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