Georgia Hope Scholarship 2012-2013 Changes

Well, the 2011-2012 Georgia Legislature session is now history. Given that it is an election year and that last year brought about many Hope Scholarship Changes, the bills that were presented had no support to move forward as law.  In other words, Georgia “punted” any legislation concerning the program.  The good news is that the proposals putting financial need requirements on Hope were stopped, and the bad news is that no real solutions were found for the real problem with the mismatch between revenue and expense. Continue reading

Hope Scholarship Cuts and Effects

We welcome a Guest Article from Bethany Sumner.  I saw her article posted on the Ga Tech CETL site and thought it would be great to include it here and she graciously agreed.  Thanks, Bethany!

HOPE Scholarship Cuts and its Effects in the Classroom

In the wake of the Great Recession, governments everywhere have tried to slash spending. Unfortunately, education has not been spared from these cuts. In the past four years alone, the state contribution to Georgia Tech has been reduced by 90 million dollars or approximately 31%.[1] Colleges across Georgia have had to cope with shrinking funds, which have led to pay freezes, reduction in faculty, decrease in admissions, fewer degree programs and course offerings, and even a controversial maneuver to merge eight colleges in the University System of Georgia into four. In addition to these measures, universities turn to their students to help make up for lost funds by raising the cost of tuition and adding new mandatory fees. Continue reading

states with lottery scholarships

Although this website is currently a place for information concerning the Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina lottery based scholarship programs, there are a number of states with similar programs.  You will see that there is a wide range of eligibility requirements and award amounts.  However, what they do have in common is that they are all lottery funded and they are all for students from the state attending a  college or university in the state. Continue reading

Hope Scholarship

What is the Hope Scholarship?  First, it is a scholarship or award given based on meeting certain criteria.  That criteria is defined in the name of the scholarship.  HOPE is an acronym:  H (Helping) O (Outstanding) P (Pupils) E (Educationally).  The keyword, I think, in this acronym is “Outstanding”.  Let’s look at the definition of “Outstanding”.  From the merriam-webster dictionary, outstanding means:

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Hope Scholarship Requirements 2012

As of this writing (mid February 2012), the hope scholarship requirements for 2012 are the same as those for the hope scholarship requirements for 2011.  Students that are high school seniors should follow the requirements for application which are detailed in the other articles on

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