Georgia HOPE Scholarship Managed to Improve The Quality of Education

Georgia HOPE scholarship has been started since the 1990s. First you should know the acronym HOPE, HOPE for the word here does not mean expectations in general. HOPE stands for Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally. Georgia HOPE scholarship is made under the supervision of the Zell Miller, governor of Georgia. Georgia HOPE scholarship awarded to students who will enter the university, both in Georgia universities, technical institutions or in other high college. HOPE will provide scholarships to high school graduates who have an average value of 3.0 or B. they must maintain this average value as the condition that they continue to receive a scholarship. HOPE will pay the entire cost of their tuition for four full years. Actually costs they must pay for their tuition is $ 3000 in private universities, but by following their HOPE freed from the burden of their tuition fees.

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