HopeScholarship.org Opens Knowledge Base

It is with great pleasure that we at hope-scholarship.net welcome the hope scholarship knowledge base on hopescholarship.org!  As you may know different people learn and research material in different ways.  This blog, hope-scholarship.net, provides an article repository, sprinkled with opinion, for information concerning the hope scholarship changes, regulations, rules, etc… While this is good for some people, others may like a more card catalog approach to finding information.   With this in mind, we created hopescholarship.org as a knowledge base format.

The hope scholarship knowledge base format allows us to keep a repository of information concerning the hope scholarship.  We have information concerning regulations, history, statistical information, changes, award amounts, and hope scholarship programs in other states (the site is targeted to the hope scholarship in Georgia).

So, are we going to maintain this website as well as the new one?  Of course!  The primary purpose of this website is to give both information and opinion (my opinion, of course) concerning hope scholarship legislation and changes.  The primary purpose of the new site, hopescholarship.org, will be to maintain an information repository for the hope scholarship.  This will be concentrated on data and facts, not opinion.  If you want some insight into hope scholarship changes, read hope-scholarship.net; however, if you just want to know specific details and want to find it fast, use hopescholarship.org.

Finally, we will be adding a hope scholarship forum to hopescholarship.org.  This will be a great place for people to help each other.  The forum will cover topics that you, the readers, deem important.  If it becomes a useful place for questions and answers, I will look for moderators or contributors to help with the forum.  We think it will be helpful to all.

We hope both sites continue to help you.  As always, feel free to comment or contact us with your ideas, suggestions, corrections or anything else that you think will help yourself or others!

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