Hope Scholarship Study Abroad

The Georgia Hope Scholarship Program does not limit the number of hours in a year that a student can take and it does not limit funding to just the Fall and Spring Semesters.  With this in mind, students that are eligible and receive funding for the Hope Scholarship can take summer term classes.  During the summer between the Sophomore/Junior  and Junior/Senior years many students take advantage of study abroad programs.

Hope Scholarship Study Abroad Details

Many schools have relationships in place with universities in other countries that allow students to take classes at those universities.  Many colleges also teach classes in areas abroad and those classes are in the curriculum of the college that the student is enrolled.  For example, the University of Georgia teaches classes on Roman Culture, Architecture, and History as University of Georgia classes taught by University of Georgia professors; however, the classes are in Rome, Italy.  These classes are eligible for Hope Scholarship funding.  The student just applies for the study abroad program and classes as normal; however, the student must inform the financial aid office that they are taking summer session classes under the study abroad program; and, as long as the classes are approved as in the curriculum of the course of study, they will be approved for funding.  Make sure you communicate with your college adviser and financial aid office to make sure all is well.

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