Is Safety a Priority for You, Your Neighborhood, and School?

My son attends a school which consists of grades K3-12th grade all in one location.  You can imagine the number of cars coming in at one time in the morning for student drop off, teachers arriving, administrators and staff arriving, and buses pulling in to drop their loads.  The scenario repeats in the afternoon when school let’s out.  The school is also next to a major divided highway.  All of this lends to, what could be, a safety hazard for kids, parents, and faculty/staff.  Fortunately, our school has some safety procedures in place to help with this.

First, the school makes sure that parents and visitors know where they are and have an easy way to see where key buildings are located by having clearing marked street signs indicating direction of traffic flow and location of buildings.  This, of course, aids in efficient ingress and egress into the school.

Second,  once students, teachers, administrators, and visitors have found the correct building on campus, the school has adequate and clearing parking signs  to indicate the legal, preferred, and safe areas for vehicles to park.  If different signs are used for visitors and employees, it helps with congestion.

Finally, the school uses high school students and teachers as patrols to 1) direct traffic, 2) provide direction to pedestrians for safe street crossings, 3) slow down traffic, and 4) aid students when entering or existing vehicles.

All of these procedures help our school take what could be a dangerous time each morning and afternoon and make it a fun and safe start and end of each school day.

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