HOPE Scholarship GA Could be a Motivation for Students

hope scholarship gaHOPE scholarship GA is a scholarship program that was established in 1993 under the supervision of the Zell Miller, governor of Georgia. HOPE is an acronym that means Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally. HOPE scholarship GA founded because it has a noble purpose, namely to help students, including student groups can’t afford in this economy but they have extraordinary ability in academics. In addition, the HOPE scholarship GA also has another purpose, namely to motivate students so that students learn better study hard, because the HOPE scholarship GA can be achieved if students have an average value of 3.0 or B. And if the student has been selected to get the HOPE scholarship GA, another thing that needs to be cultivated to retain the scholarship is to maintain the average value of at least 3.0 or B. With the principle or the way work is so, then students will be challenged to learn to be more active so they can obtain or maintain the HOPE scholarship.

HOPE scholarship GA is funded entirely by the Georgia Lottery, and is managed by the Georgia Student Finance Commission which is abbreviated to (GSFC). HOPE scholarship GA has many positive results for the advancement of education. It is proven based on a survey in 2006 the number of students who enter public universities increased seventy percent since the HOPE scholarship was established. HOPE scholarship GA has now spent more than $ 3 billion to be given to more than 900,000 Georgia students in 2006.
If you are interested to get the HOPE scholarship GA exploration revived a desire must meet several requirements. An actual requirement that must be met in order for you elected to receive the HOPE scholarship GA is not too difficult. requirements you must meet the first is when you graduate high school you must have an average value of at least 3.0 but for those of you graduate diploma must have an average value of 3.2.means the average value of 3.0 or 3.2 must be indicated on your diploma. You to remember for Georgia high school graduates who will begin his career after or during 2008 to 2009 must pass with an average value of 3.0. Complete course of study at home with a value of 3.0 grade average.

Not too difficult to get the HOPE scholarship GA. you will be one lucky person get the HOPE scholarship if GA because of this scholarship will finance the entire cost of your college. But it does not all students get at it. Regarding the number of scholarships received by students has been arranged by type of institution they choose. HOPE scholarship fund so it can be full or half course. If you include students who are fully funded by the HOPE scholarship GA then you will get $ 1,800 per semester or $ 1,333 per quarter. But, if you only get half, you will get $ 900 per semester or $ 666 the quarter. Are you interest to participate in the HOPE scholarship GA?

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