GPA Calculation with Plus Minus Grades for Hope Scholarship

So, you have a student that goes to a high school that uses a plus/minus grading system.  Or, perhaps, you intend to attend a college or University that uses a plus/minus grading system (the University of Georgia does, for example).  For purposes of Hope Scholarship eligibility, how does a plus/minus grading system affect the gpa calculation?

First, a plus/minus grading system assigns a plus/minus letter grade based on a numeric grade scale.  For example:

  • Plus/Minus System
  • 94-100: A (4.0)
  • 90-93:   A- (3.7)
  • 87-89:    B+ (3.3)
  • 84-86:    B (3.0)
  • 80-83:    B- (2.7)
  • 77-79:    C+ (2.3)
  • 74-76:    C (2.0)
  • 70-73:    C- (1.7)
  • and so on….

The above grade scale is for example purposes only.  For Hope Scholarship GPA purposes all grades are treated as non plus/minus on a 4.0 scale.  So, an A-(3.7) would be treated as an A (4.0).  A B+(3.3) would be treated as a B (3.0).  This is done because not all schools use a plus/minus system, and for those that do, there are a number of different plus/minus systems used.  The University of Georgia uses a plus/minus system with no A+ while other schools may use a plus/minus system including an A+.

When all is said and done, your actual graduation, transcript GPA will be different than your Hope Scholarship eligibility GPA if you attend a plus/minus high school or college/university.

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