Hope Scholarship Changes 2012 Becoming Clear

There are many proposals going back and forth in the legislature for changes to the hope scholarship in 2012.    The following information is taken from an article  by Megan Ingalls from the Red and Black describing changes proposed by the Ga Senate.  Please note that these are proposals or ideas and are not passed into law as of today.  But, what it does indicated is that funding for the Hope is going to decrease and may disappear completely for some if an income cap is instated.  It is also interesting that the Zell Miller Scholarship component may be the undoing of the basic form of the scholarship in that the promise of full tuition for the Zell Miller is taking money from the base scholarship. Continue reading

Hope Scholarship Changes Guide

hope scholarship changes pictureWith the arrival of spring comes decision time for most high school seniors.  Many decisions are driven by financial concerns: how will college be paid for, will a grant, scholarship, or award be available, I qualify for HOPE today but what about next fall?  There are many excellent resources on the internet that are attempting to track hope scholarship changes.  I thought it would be useful to provide an easy one stop place to find them. Continue reading

Hope Scholarship Changes 2012

The legislatures of Georgia and Tennessee are once again reviewing, tweaking,  “improving”, or whatever your would like to call it, the hope scholarship program in each of their respective states.  Hope-Scholarship.net will monitor the finalized changes for you.  The news feed on the home page will give you the latest news on the hope scholarship program. Continue reading

Hope Scholarship Changes

Georgia Hope Scholarship Changes

The Hope Scholarship is now broken out into two programs based on GPA graduating from high school and while in college.  The Hope Scholarship now has a cap based on 90% of the 2010-2011 tuition rates.  This means that the award


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