Meeting Hope Scholarship Requirements Starts Freshman Year

If you are a high school student or a parent of a high school student, the typical approach to the scholarship search process begins the second half of Junior year or perhaps the end of Senior year in high school. However, since most academic based scholarships, like the Hope Scholarship, look at the overall grade point average (GPA) earned on core high school classes, grades earned the first semester of Freshman year are just as important as grades earned the last semester of the Senior year. It is the wise student that prepares for the Hope Scholarship Requirements starting the first day of Freshman classes. In fact, since Freshman classes may be easier, from an academic point of view, than Junior and Senior level classes, it may be more important to concentrate on getting “A” results in the Freshman year. These results will act as a base line to shore up the GPA when the harder classes hit later in the high school career. Continue reading

Hope Scholarship Alternatives

If you are a high school senior this year (2012), what are your alternatives with respect to scholarships?  If you are in Georgia or Tennessee, you have each states version of the Hope Scholarship, of course.  But, could you do better?  Should look for Hope Scholarship alternatives?  And, from another point of view, what if you are just entering the ninth grade… Should you plan on the Hope Scholarship being available?  Should you plan on a different strategy?  I think just considering these questions may actually provide better solutions for some students than what the Hope Scholarship may provide. Continue reading