Hope Scholarship Requirements 2014-2015

Hope Scholarship Requirements

Here is a short list of requirements for the Hope Grant, Hope Scholarship, and Zell Miller Scholarship.  You can find more hope scholarship information at the hope scholarship knowledge base.

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Hope Zell Miller Scholarship Update

HOPE Zell Miller Scholarship Update:  FAFSA Not Required

Georgia HB 324 has been signed into law.  This removes the requirement that the FAFSA be completed by all Georgia resident students applying for HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship funds.  Instead, we understand that GSFC will reinstitute the GSFAPPS application.  We have provided this Hope Zell Miller Scholarship Update to try and provide the most recent information. Continue reading

Should Service be a Requirement for the Georgia Hope Scholarship?

A recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution online penned by Michele Nunn proposes adding a service component to the requirements obtaining a Georgia Hope Scholarship.  The full text of the article is contained below.  While I have no problem, personally, with Ms Nunn’s ideas for a service component, I do have an issue with targeting one scholarship program with this requirement while not also attaching a service component to the other scholarship and aid programs for students in the state of Georgia.  Shouldn’t we also reward volunteer service for athletic scholarship recipients?  What about President’s scholars?  Shouldn’t a student receiving a Pell Grant be eligible for service as well?  I’m all for students helping the community, but let’s allow all award, aid, grant, scholarship, athletic scholarship winners the same right/requirement/privilege/…

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New FAFSA Requirement for State Financial Aid Affects the Hope Scholarship

The following is a copy of an email sent by the Georgia Student Finance Commission:


Beginning summer term 2013, a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) will be required in order to receive any state financial aid.* The 2012-13 or 2013-14 FAFSA may be used for summer term 2013. Please check with the financial aid office for any college-specific application policies and deadlines. Please note that effective June 8, 2013, GSFAPPS will no longer be available as an application for any state financial aid.

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