Scholarships in Georgia

What is scholarship?  How do we define it?  Should we reward it? Why?  The jury is out on these issues and there are many opinions.  There is the question of merit versus need.  Funding is an issue as is the cost side of the seesaw.  This blog, hope scholarship dot net, attempts to provide some insight into these and other issues around georgia scholarships, specifically, the georgia hope scholarship.

What does it mean: Scholarships in Georgia?

First, what is scholarship?  If you search for the meaning of scholarship, you will find two major definitions:

  1. Academic study or achievement; learning of a high level.
  2. A grant or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the bases of academic or other achievement.

Please, note the words “academic study” and “achievement” and “awarded on the bases of academic…”.  These all, unequivocally, bind scholarship with academic merit and not with other measurements such as financial, being left-handed, from a particular ancestry, or other measurements not having to do with the two bullet points listed above.

In order for there to be scholarships in Georgia, there first have to be scholars, and these scholars must be rewarded in such a way as to pay for or support the student’s education in the state of Georgia.  It really is a simple definition easily understood by all.  However, when we begin to mix the political correctness of denying the fact that merit actually does separate people into two groups, those that have achieved excellence and those that have not, we cut down excellence and fertilize mediocrity.

My hope is that the citizens and legislature of the state of Georgia, hold to the true meaning of scholarships in Georgia which excellence in academic achievement that is awarded to those who attain it.


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