How to Apply for Hope Scholarship

The Hope Scholarship (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally) is a merit based scholarship.  The Georgia Hope Scholarship and the Tennessee Hope Scholarship are similar programs and each is described in full in this blog.  Many high school seniors and students already in college have questions concerning the requirements, eligibility, gpa calculations, and others.  There are posts for each of these. Continue reading

Hope Scholarship

What is the Hope Scholarship?  First, it is a scholarship or award given based on meeting certain criteria.  That criteria is defined in the name of the scholarship.  HOPE is an acronym:  H (Helping) O (Outstanding) P (Pupils) E (Educationally).  The keyword, I think, in this acronym is “Outstanding”.  Let’s look at the definition of “Outstanding”.  From the merriam-webster dictionary, outstanding means:

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