Petition to Save the Hope Scholarship

There is a grass roots petition started to call into question the funding for the hope scholarship.  I have attached the story of the article for the petition.  For my part, I don’t necessarily agree with the views of Better Georgia; however, as I’ve written in previous articles, I am also concerned about the funding levels for the hope scholarship.  While the Better Continue reading

Tennessee Hope Scholarship 2012 Legislation

The Tennessee Legislature is still in session and here is a list of the 23 House bills and 23 corresponding Senate bills that in some way make changes to the Tennessee Hope Scholarship program.  The name of the sponsoring house member or senator is provided with the bill title.  As you can see, there a key individuals that you should contact to affect change in the legislation.  You can select the link for each bill to view the complete proposal and to find out the current vote scheduled for the bill.   Continue reading